Wireless IP cameras test: what we found

Setting up and using a wireless IP camera, hands-on tips from our testers

DIY home monitoring

Going on holiday is fun, but how do you avoid the nagging worry that comes with being away from your home, perhaps for an extended period? Sure, you could get a house-sitter, but there’s an easier way to keep an eye on things from afar – an internet-enabled camera (IP camera).

These days many wireless IP cameras are relatively easy to set up and use so that even those without any particular computer knowledge can do it. The biggest sticking point used to be the difficulty in setting up remote connectivity for viewing your camera while you're away from home, which involved a process called port forwarding on your router. This is no longer necessary thanks to greatly improved software and smartphone apps that make setting up remote viewing a much easier task. 

However, there are still a few things to watch out for. Here's what our expert testers found while looking at the latest wireless IP cameras. For full comparison results see our Wireless IP cameras review and for what to look for when choosing an IP camera for your home see our IP camera buying guide.

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