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Video camera reviews

Smartphone video quality continues to improve, but a dedicated camcorder still gets the Oscar nod for best videography tool.

Last updated: 10th February 2015

If you've decided your video skills are more worthy of a camcorder than smartphone, you've come to the right place. But which camera should you buy to realise your vision? We test 16 high-definition video cameras ranging in price from $249 to $2499, including models from Panasonic, Sony, Canon and more.

Our independent testing in the CHOICE labs will help you find the camcorder that:

  • has the best picture quality
  • has the best sound quality
  • is easiest to use
  • has the longest battery life
  • has extra features such as smartphone device control, Wi-Fi connectivity, microphone input and 4K resolution.

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Our test report compares products across these 44 criteria.

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