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Your donation can help save lives

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Support safer products through independent testing


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Unsafe products cause two deaths and 145 injuries every day in Australia

We should be able to trust that the products we use every day are safe. But our flawed product safety laws mean that, right now, there's little to stop unsafe products ending up in our homes.

Together, it's something we can change

Your contribution can help to fund our vital safety testing of products. Every day our experts weigh, prod, test and drop products in our purpose-built labs, to expose their hidden safety flaws. You can help us continue this for years to come.

Your support helps us do more

You'll also help support our investigative journalists to uncover more hazards, from unsecured button batteries to deadly Takata airbags, and enable our campaigners to take the fight to Canberra to fix our broken product safety system for good.

'Hopefully, we can save some lives'

Allison Rees, who has fought with CHOICE for safer products, shares her thoughts on why product safety matters.

Your contribution makes all the difference

When you donate to support CHOICE, you don't just support safer products through independent testing, you support a nonprofit that champions consumer rights and makes our whole community stronger.

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Over a million recalled products still in circulation in Australia Source: ACCC, 21 October 2019