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Children's cereal reviews

We compare 34 kids' cereals in the CHOICE labs, including offerings from Kellogg's, Sanitarium, Nestlé and more.

Last updated: 1st May 2015

When it comes to kids' breakfast cereals, all are definitely not created equal. Disappointingly, many kids' cereals would have your child bouncing off the walls on a sugar high. What's perhaps more surprising is that children's cereals can tend to be quite high in salt as well.

Sugar and salt do play a vital role in the tastiness of a product, but many cereals targeted at kids have more in common with treat foods than a nutritious breakfast.

Thankfully, though, there are healthy alternatives – even when it comes to cereals targeted directly at children. We pull apart the most popular choices to find out if your family can get anything positive out of them.

This product comparison looks at 34 products – those obviously aimed at children via ads or packaging, and their supermarket private label equivalents.

Our report will help you:

  • compare Health Star Ratings of all kids' breakfast cereals
  • see which products are high in fibre and low in sugars and salt
  • make a healthier choice for your child.

And if you'd like to know more about what we look for in a healthy kids' cereal, take a look at our buying guide.

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We recommend 2 product(s)

These products have the highest Health Star Ratings of all kids' cereals reviewed. Not only do they both have a reasonable amount of fibre, but they contain minimal sugars and sodium.

We've added some of our 13 criteria to the table below.

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