There are some very expensive and over-engineered prams on the market. This doesn't make it easy when buying the right one for you.

A good example of an over-engineered and potentially hazardous pram is this one. As you can see from our tests, this pram, despite all the hype, has some potential pitfalls when it comes to design.

Here's few tips:

  • Get a pram that's easy to use. Don't just choose the one that's going to look great in the pram queue down at the mothers' group in the park.
  • Try to avoid bulky and wide prams, as they are hell to manoeuvre in shopping aisles.
  • And ask yourself, is it going to be safe, and will it provide good value for money. Go to our report and check out all the info, including comparison tables and safety recommendations.

Remember, CHOICE is the only independent reviewer of household goods in Australia.