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Disposable nappy reviews

In 2010, we tested 14 disposable nappy brands, including nappies from Huggies, Aldi and Babylove.

Last updated: 16th March 2010

Whether you're on your first, third or seventh child, choosing the right nappy for your baby is always going to come down to individual preference, but there are some brands that outperform others fairly consistently.

Looking at fit, comfort, leak protection and absorbency, we help you sort through the mounds of disposable nappies to find the right one for you and your baby.

Note: We conducted this user trial in 2010 and the market has changed since then. However, it may still be a useful guide.

We gave five nappies of each of the 14 brands tested to 48 families. Each brand was tested for one day during the day only. Trialists rated the nappies for the following characteristics: 

  • initial fit
  • staying in position
  • leakage prevention
  • baby dryness
  • durability
  • overall performance.

The babies were all in the weight range of 7-10kg – usually the crawler range for the nappy brands.

As it's not possible to remove brand names and design from the nappies, some of our trialists may have recognised some or all the brands they tested.

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