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Social responsibility

Social responsibility has been at the core of the CHOICE mission since 1959. In fact, you could say that we were in the business of social responsibility well before it had a name or was fashionable!

For more than 50 years we've been the leading voice for Australian consumers and we've always looked out for and addressed the issues that are of most concern to consumers.

Key areas of focus

  • Sustainable consumption.
  • Unfair policies and practices.
  • Helping to identify socially responsible products.
  • Improving product safety and efficiency.
  • Identifying and acknowledging good corporate behaviour.

Our responsibility to our people

We also walk the talk inside our organisation, CHOICE strives to:

  • use socially responsible procedures in-house
  • contribute to consumer campaigns worldwide including pro bono assistance to local, national and international causes and organisations
  • implement socially responsible investment and supply chain policies 
  • limit our environmental impact
  • offer staff fair salary structures and regular input into working conditions and CHOICE's focus.