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A new look for CHOICE

March 2018

Our research over the past year has consistently shown that Australians know us well for our product reviews, but are less aware of all the other great work we do – our insurance reviews, our consumer advocacy, our news and investigations, and our award-winning products such as CluckAR.

We decided that a new look for CHOICE would unify the many channels we work in, and help spread the word about our efforts to make Australia's consumer markets safer and fairer.

We asked a range of people – those who know CHOICE well, not so well, or not at all – what our role means to them and whether our current look best reflects this. We then sought their input on two versions of a new look for us (Version 1 and Version 2 below). The clear winner from these discussions was Version 1 (we think they have great taste). 

We're so excited about the beginning of this new stage in CHOICE's history, and we look forward to making an even greater impact for you, our members and supporters.