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2019 media releases

Consumer groups quit disingenuous consultation

15 February 2019

Consumer groups ask Canberra to move quickly on bank payments to mortgage brokers.

Baby cots lift their game

15 February 2019

But is the one in your home safe? CHOICE shares what to look for.

CHOICE scores cot safety win, but Canberra must act on safety

15 February 2019

CHOICE calls for election commitment to General Safety Provision.

What's the problem with mortgage broking?

5 February 2019

Following the banking royal commission's final report, CHOICE has detailed the problem with the mortgage broking industry and why it needs to change.

"Rip the bandaid off mortgage broking"

5 February 2019

Members of parliament must act on the banking royal commission's mortgage broking recommendations.

"Damning indictment of industry self-regulation"
4 February 2019

Banking royal commission report a once-in-a-generation opportunity to clean up the banking and financial services sector.

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