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2 out of 3 convertible tricycle strollers tested fail safety standards: CHOICE

Unsafe convertible tricycles highlight need for stronger product safety laws.

New CHOICE testing has found that a significant number of convertible tricycle strollers do not pass mandatory Australian safety standards for prams and strollers. 

CHOICE tested nine convertible tricycle strollers, and found that six did not meet the necessary safety requirements.

"It is unacceptable that these products have been allowed to reach Australian families," says safety expert, Chris Barnes. "Parents expect the products they buy for their children to be safe and rightfully so."

"Unfortunately, we’ve been let down once again by manufacturers shirking their responsibility to ensure their products are safe. This is yet another example of why the Australian government needs to introduce tighter product safety laws."

The six convertible tricycle strollers which failed to meet mandatory Australian safety standards are: 
- Achieveyourdream (eBay) Convertible Tricycle Stroller 
- Liang_zn (eBay) Convertible Tricycle Stroller 
- Supacheapa (eBay) Convertible Tricycle Stroller 
- Metradingco (eBay) 3 in 1 Folding Trike
- Babycore 4 in 1 Progress Trike 
- Q Play Rito 

"There are a huge number of problems with these convertible tricycle strollers, which could result in serious injury to your child," says Barnes. 

The most dangerous tricycle stroller CHOICE tested (Achieveyourdream (eBay) Convertible Tricycle Stroller) has no brakes at all, meaning there is a risk that it could roll away while parked. 

The stroller also does not have a harness, which means that your child may be at risk of falling out of the stroller. 

"Australians need a new product safety law to put responsibility where it should be - with the manufacturer, to ensure that their product is safe before it’s sold," says Barnes. 

To ensure no more dangerous products are available for Australians to purchase, CHOICE is calling for a General Safety Duty. This involves introducing a new section on product safety into the Australian Consumer Law so that all products will be subject to basic and sensible safety checks before going on sale.

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