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CHOICE calls for stronger ticket resale protections

The Government’s new ticket Information Standard is a good start, but could go further.

CHOICE is warning Australians to avoid ticketing fakes on platforms like Viagogo after Google let the exploitative ticket seller back onto its search advertising.

"The Federal Government and Michael Sukkar have the power to make this the last summer of ticketing fakes," says Julia Steward, Head of Policy at CHOICE.

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"We're glad to see the Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar has proposed national legislation to crack down on sites like Viagogo. This should be an open and shut case of cracking down on exploitative companies taking advantage of Australian's appetite for sport, music and culture."

The proposed Information Standard will require ticket resale websites to disclose both the face value of tickets and the fact that the website is not the primary ticket seller.

While the legislation is under consultation, CHOICE is warning Australians to watch out for the following when buying tickets to events:

1. Don't click Google "ads".

2. If you see the word "Viagogo" on the website, DO NOT BUY. This website has a history of high charges and fake tickets. 

3. Don't use the search term "tickets" - look for the official artist or venue website.

4. Know the risks of buying second hand.

"CHOICE is warning Australians not to click on Google ads when buying tickets to events. Ads for events on search engines just can't be trusted and if you see the word "Viagogo", don't buy. We encourage anyone looking for tickets to events, to avoid searching for "tickets" and instead, search for the band, performer or venue's official site. The official sites will direct you to the authorised ticket seller."

"If you do buy second hand, beware that your ticket could be fake or invalidated. There are different laws across the country regarding second hand tickets. We look forward to Michael Sukkar and the Federal Government acting on these issues at a national level to create a simple solution for all Australians."

Infographic available here:

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