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CHOICE response to APRA Quarterly Health Insurance Statistics (June 2020)

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Health Campaigner Dean Price.

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Health Campaigner Dean Price:

Health insurers making massive savings but still raising prices 

"Today's APRA statistics show a dramatic drop in the number of surgeries and treatments being covered by private health insurance during COVID-19." 

"Privately insured hospital services have gone down 19% compared to the same quarter last year and extras have gone down 30% compared to the same quarter last year. Private health insurers are making massive savings this year as fewer people claim on insurance. That's why private health insurers can't justify putting people's premiums up on 1 October 2020." 

"Today's APRA statistics show us that private health insurers spent $515 million less on people's healthcare during the first months of COVID-19. Not only did health insurers make people pay full price while they were delivering 70% of their extras services, some insurers are planning to put people's premiums up on October 1st." 

Private health insurance remains a poor deal for too many Australians - a review is needed

"In the middle of the biggest global pandemic in over 100 years, people have been reminded of the quality of Medicare and our hospital system and have found little reason to stick with this expensive product. The national response to COVID-19 has shown what happens when people are treated on the basis of medical need alone, public and private hospitals working together can meet the health needs of all Australians." 

"When you're sick you just want certainty that you will be cared for but private health insurance makes what should be simple more difficult. Private health insurance is still riddled with confusing policies, ever increasing premiums and shockingly high out of pocket costs."

"The response to COVID-19 has shown us new ways that our health system can work together. The history of private health insurance includes constant tinkering around the edges. Now more than ever there is a strong need for the Australian Government to review the role of private health insurance by undertaking a thorough public inquiry and make changes that deliver high quality and fair healthcare."

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