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CHOICE survey reveals what Boxing Day shoppers are most excited to purchase this year

Clothing, kitchen appliances and Christmas groceries

A new survey* has revealed the top items that shoppers are most excited about purchasing in this year’s Boxing Day sales.

“The Boxing Day sales can be a great opportunity to nab an item that you’ve had your eye on for a while at a cheaper price,” says CHOICE Director of Reviews and Testing, Matt Steen.

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“We surveyed Australia’s most dedicated shoppers and asked them what was on their radar for Boxing Day this year. Clothing and small kitchen appliances are set to be the hot ticket items for the sales this year,” says Steen.

*Over 2500 surveyed as part of CHOICE’s member and supporter research panel.

The top items on the list for people planning to purchase in the Boxing Day sales are:

  • Clothing (49% of respondents)
  • Small kitchen appliances (22%)
  • Reduced Christmas food groceries (21%)
  • Leftover Christmas decorations or trees (19%)
  • Bed linen, manchester, and towels (11%)

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“Our survey also found that the majority of people planning to make a purchase in the Boxing Day sales will do so in store. 25% of Boxing Day shoppers will head into a physical store to make a purchase, and 53% will do their shopping both in store and online,” says Steen.

If you want to make the most of the Boxing Day sales, these are CHOICE’s top tips:

  1. Do your research.
    “It’s really important to spend some time researching the product you’re wanting to buy, particularly if it’s a more expensive item. In our testing we often find that cheaper products can outperform more expensive items, so it’s worth taking the time to assess a couple of different products,” says Steen.
    “Check out CHOICE’s reviews before you hit the sales. At CHOICE, we independently test products in our labs, so you can rely on us to bring you unbiased results that will help you pick the best product,” says Steen.
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  2. Compare products and prices across stores.
    “Don’t buy a product from the first store you visit just because it’s on sale there. There’s a good chance that you could buy the same product from another store for a cheaper price, particularly during the Boxing Day sales,” says Steen.
    “Check the prices for the product you’re after across a couple of different retailers before you head out to buy it. If you’re already out shopping, use your smartphone to look up the prices,” says Steen.
  3. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price.
    “You should always try to negotiate a cheaper price on an item you’re looking to purchase, particularly if it’s a more expensive product like a fridge or a television,” says Steen.
    “Many retailers offer price matching, so make sure you do some research and use that to your advantage. If you’re making multiple purchases, ask if you can get them for less. Or, simply ask, “Is this the best price you can do?” when you’re in a store,” says Steen.
  4. Watch out for extended warranties.
    “Businesses will sometimes try to sell you an extended warranty, saying that it’s necessary for extra protection. However, in most cases, extended warranties are not worth purchasing. This is because the Australian Consumer Law provides you with consumer guarantees that the products you buy will do what you expect them to do,” says Steen.
Infographic available for embedding here

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