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2020 media releases

CHOICE tips to take charge of 2021
31 December 2020

We show you how to save water, save money and buy smart in the new year.

CHOICE survey reveals what Boxing Day shoppers are most excited to purchase this year
25 December 2020

We surveyed Australia’s most dedicated shoppers and asked them what was on their radar for Boxing Day this year.

CHOICE response to announcement of new button battery mandatory safety standards
21 December 2020

The introduction of long-awaited mandatory safety and information standards for button batteries.

Big W tops the list for children’s product recalls: CHOICE
16 December 2020

Big W has had to recall 23 children’s products since 2015.

"Nothing more than marketing schemes": CHOICE on ASIC's review of school marketing programs
15 December 2020

CHOICE calls on State and Territory Education Ministers to ditch Dollarmites.

“Failed to protect consumers": CHOICE on ASIC's timeshare regulations
11 December 2020

Consumer advocate says ASIC has failed to clean up the harmful timeshare industry.

Banking Royal Commission laws are good news for super consumers
11 December 2020

Super Consumers Australia welcomes laws passed by Parliament late yesterday that will enhance consumer protections in the superannuation market.

Consumer groups on Banking Royal Commission reforms
10 December 2020

Consumer groups welcome new laws, but condemn moves to axe laws on safe lending.

Super industry misleading Australians about their retirement needs: Super Consumers
10 December 2020

Super Consumers Australia announces new, more accurate savings targets.

The kitchen appliance that's your "Christmas secret weapon"
10 December 2020

CHOICE experts share how to plan for Christmas Day.

Aldi's fruit mince tart tops Christmas taste test
8 December 2020

CHOICE blind taste test finds the top six festive pies and tarts.

Don't waste your money on an extended warranty, warns CHOICE
4 December 2020

Your rights in the lead up to Christmas and Boxing Day sales.

Rip-off discount service targets seniors
2 December 2020

CHOICE warns Australians against using 'Senior Advantage' service.

CHOICE welcomes Victorian government's plans to end bank marketing in schools
29 November 2020

Now other states and territories must follow Victoria's lead, says CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland.

CHOICE response to Minister Sukkar announcing better hand sanitiser regulation
25 November 2020

CHOICE's Dean Price welcomes the announcement, calling it 'a win for people power'.

Consumer groups sign open letter urging Senators to protect safe lending laws
24 November 2020

125 organisations join together to oppose government's plan to axe safe lending laws.

Floor cleaners - "perfume for your floor": CHOICE Shonkys
10 November 2020

Floor cleaner brands sold at Coles and Bunnings perform worse than water in lab tests.

Health survey sales tricks hurt older Australians: CHOICE Shonkys
10 November 2020

Revitalife receives CHOICE Shonky award and ACCC complaint alleging multiple breaches of the law.

InvoCare funerals are keeping grieving families in the dark: Shonkys 2020
10 November 2020

The company behind White Lady Funerals and Simplicity Funerals is failing to display itemised prices outside NSW/ACT.

Harvey Norman - "the finance industry's dirty secret": CHOICE Shonkys
10 November 2020

Shonky credit cards sold in-store show why laws stopping a debt disaster must be kept.

The air purifier that "doesn't really do anything": CHOICE Shonkys
10 November 2020 

Greentech's Pure Air 500 a "complete dud".

Pathetic purifiers, Harvey Norman's credit card traps and cleaners worse than water: Shonkys 2020
10 November 2020

"White Lady Funerals" parent company plays price tricks and the “health survey" that isn't what it seems.

New research shows consumers worried about new online pricing practices
5 November 2020 

Data also shows one in ten using Buy Now Pay Later products for basic expenses.

Hand sanitiser labels "a confusing mess": CHOICE
29 October 2020 

66% of Australians "don't know" or are wrong about which sanitisers are effective against COVID-19.

CHOICE response to button battery death
23 October 2020

"We're devastated to hear that another child has tragically passed away from ingesting a button battery."

'Your Future, Your Super' reforms will leave Australians with more in retirement: Super Consumers Australia
6 October 2020

Consumer advocacy group Super Consumers Australia welcomes the ‘Your Future, Your Super' reforms announced in the Federal Budget tonight.

Lindt wins top spot in dark chocolate testing
1 October 2020

CHOICE reviews 37 dark chocolates from brands including Cadbury, Lindt, and Nestle.

NIB's COVID actions "will hurt their customers": CHOICE
30 September 2020 

October 1st shows customers which private health insurers will really support them in a crisis.

Consumer groups slam move to remove responsible lending laws
25 September 2020 

Removing credit protections will cause harm to people and the economy. 

CHOICE comment on Westpac's AUSTRAC settlement
24 September 2020

Quotes attributable to Alan Kirkland, CEO of CHOICE.

The bad value health insurance deals from the biggest health funds: CHOICE
24 September 2020

CHOICE reveals the poor value for money health insurance policies from Medibank, Bupa, HBF, HCF and NIB.

Healthy yoghurt pouches starting to appear on supermarket shelves
17 September 2020 

CHOICE review helps parents to navigate over 118 yoghurt pouches. 

CHOICE response to NAB's launch of no-interest credit card
10 September 2020

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Banking Policy Expert Patrick Veyret.

Which supermarket is it cheapest to buy brands like Cadbury, Kleenex and Uncle Tobys from?
8 September 2020 

Brand name products are 20% cheaper, on average, at Aldi than Coles and Woolworths: CHOICE.

Common supermarket sanitisers found to be safe: CHOICE
2 September 2020

Consumer advocate calls for donations to expand testing program.

Aldi scores top place in supermarket house brands testing: CHOICE
20 August 2020

The supermarket's products came first in six out of ten house brand categories.

CHOICE response to APRA Quarterly Health Insurance Statistics (June 2020)
18 August 2020

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Health Campaigner Dean Price. 

Tinder's secret pricing practices
12 August 2020 

A mystery shop conducted by CHOICE found a person can be charged up to five times as much as another for Tinder Plus, and the company won't tell you why.

No evidence alcohol-free hand sanitisers effective against COVID-19: CHOICE
29 July 2020 

Alcohol-free hand sanitisers can kill common bacteria, but will not protect you from COVID-19. 

Medibank Private and Bupa have failed Australians during COVID-19: CHOICE
22 July 2020 

Private health insurers named and shamed for poor COVID-19 support.

Hand sanitiser sold by major retailer fails spot-check test: CHOICE
16 July 2020 

Consumer advocate issues sanitiser safety warning and calls for community tips.

Which strawberry jams hit the sweet spot?
15 July 2020

CHOICE awards Beerenberg Australian Strawberry Jam top place.

Raising private health premiums in October "disgraceful" and "cruel": CHOICE
12 July 2020

CHOICE responds to private health COVID-19 mega profits.

Banks announcement of further assistance for customers a timely relief: consumer groups
8 July 2020 

A statement from CHOICE, Financial Rights Legal Centre, Consumer Action Law Centre and Financial Counselling Australia.

CHOICE to health insurers: "Hardship shouldn't be this hard"
2 July 2020

Private health falls behind other industries when providing help to customers. 

CHOICE response to private health insurers backflip on returning members' money
25 June 2020

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Health Campaigner Dean Price.

ANZ fails COVID Fairness Scorecard: CHOICE
25 June 2020

Big 4 banks need to do more to help people who are struggling.

Coronavirus price gouging - what went wrong?
24 June 2020 

Over 1 in 3 Australians faced more expensive essentials at height of crisis.

How to get the best deal on your health insurance: CHOICE
23 June 2020

5 tips to get value for money.

CHOICE response to "flushable wipes" ACCC case
15 June 2020

Quotes attributable to Julia Steward, CHOICE Consumer Law Expert.

"Thank you" - New award recognises businesses helping customers
14 June 2020

Australians thank businesses for COVID kindness with The Shinys.

'Deeply unethical' price gouging should be illegal in a crisis
11 June 2020 

CHOICE calls for urgent price gouging legislation to protect Victorians in future crises.

$6.3 billion stolen from the pockets of Australians by banks: CHOICE
10 June 2020

Failure to pass interest rate cuts to credit card customers by the likes of ANZ, St George and Bendigo Bank has cost households $6.3 billion.

EOFYS duds to avoid: CHOICE
5 June 2020 

Kogan, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys selling dud products during EOFYS.

Price gouging in a crisis should be illegal: CHOICE to QLD Government
27 May 2020 

CHOICE and the Indigenous Consumer Action Network (ICAN) call for urgent legislation to protect Queenslanders.

Junk Insurance: Financial Services Council acknowledges inappropriate insurance
19 May 2020

Quotes attributable to Super Consumers Australia Director Xavier O'Halloran.

CHOICE response to APRA Quarterly Health Insurance Statistics (March 2020)
19 May 2020

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Health Campaigner Dean Price.

"Indefensible": CHOICE on exorbitant frequent flyer credit card rates
19 May 2020 

Consumer advocate calls on banks to drop interest rates on frequent flyer credit cards.

CHOICE to NSW Government: "Act on price gouging now>"
14 May 2020

Consumer advocate proposes legislation to protect people in New South Wales from being gouged in a crisis.

CHOICE response to Banking Royal Commission response deferral
8 May 2020

CHOICE response to the Treasurer's announcement of a six month deferral of Banking Royal Commission reforms.

Kindness during COVID-19 should be recognised: CHOICE
6 May 2020

Consumer advocate calls for nominations of good business behaviour during COVID-19.

Air purifiers are not the solution to keeping your home COVID-19 free: CHOICE
5 May 2020

Consumer advocate commissioned new Australian testing, finding some models to be particularly poor performers.

"It felt so unfinished" - funerals during COVID-19
30 April 2020 

Families share their experiences as consumer advocate CHOICE gives guidance on your rights.

Worried about coronavirus power bill shock? CHOICE experts offer their tips
26 April 2020 

The classic “door snake" still a cheap and effective tool.

85% of portacots fail CHOICE safety tests
24 April 2020

17 of 20 portacots tested by CHOICE pose a risk to the health of your child.

"Private health is still not worth it for many Australians": CHOICE
23 April 2020

As elective surgeries slowly return, consumer advocate says Australians should demand value.

"Banks need to go further on their coronavirus response": CHOICE
22 April 2020 

Consumer advocate calls on banks to adopt five urgent actions.

Early access a "last resort" retirement advocates say
8 April 2020 

Super Consumers Australia, Council On The Ageing (COTA) Australia and CHOICE are urging people to exhaust all other options before dipping into their super.

"Health funds should stop charging people for services they cant get": CHOICE
7 April 2020

COVID-19 crisis means health insurance benefits will be at least 50% less. CHOICE calls for insurers to reduce premiums by 50%.

"Penalties for not taking up private health cover must be suspended": CHOICE
31 March 2020

Consumer advocate says Lifetime Health Cover Loading should be suspended in light of COVID-19 financial pressures.

Frontline workers face life insurance claims denials
26 March 2020

Five super funds continue to hit new members with pandemic exclusions.  

"Health funds should scrap their April 1 premium increases": CHOICE
26 March 2020

COVID-19 crisis means Australians need relief from private health premiums urgently.

Major retailers exploiting COVID-19 with "panic marketing": CHOICE
20 March 2020

Rivers, Millers, Noni B and others engage in “disgraceful marketing tactics."

Over 50% of Australians confident in their consumer rights: 6>0 years of CHOICE>

15 March 2020 

CHOICE opens doors for special tours and releases the CHOICE Consumer Rights Guide for 2020.

2 out of 3 convertible tricycle strollers tested fail safety standards: CHOICE
10 March 2020

Unsafe convertible tricycles highlight need for stronger product safety laws.

"Time running out to avoid health insurance rip-offs": CHOICE
10 March 2020

Private health insurance tops CHOICE Consumer Pulse cost concerns again.

Which hot cross bun is the best?
4 March 2020

CHOICE gives Bakers Delight top score for their hot cross buns.

Consumer advocates comment on draft legislation that responds to over a quarter of Banking Royal Commission recommendations
2 March 2020

Consumer Credit Legal Service (WA), CHOICE, Consumer Action Law Centre, Financial Counselling Australia, Financial Rights Legal Centre and Super Consumers Australia have today published policy submissions that respond to 22 of the Royal Commission's 76 recommendations.

Time to end fire insurance confusion: CHOICE
26 February 2020

Over 35,000 Australians ask the Federal Government to fix fire and disaster insurance definitions.

CHOICE response to APRA Quarterly Health Insurance Statistics (December 2019)
18 February 2020

Quotes attributable to CHOICE Health Campaigner Dean Price.

Not FAR enough: "Banking executives must be held accountable for how they treat their customers"
14 February 2020

CHOICE calls for fairness to be embedded into the proposed Financial Accountability Regime (FAR).

CHOICE calls for stronger ticket resale protections
14 February 2020

The Government's new ticket Information Standard is a good start, but could go further. 

Inclined sleepers: A tragedy waiting to happen in our homes
13 February 2020

73 infant deaths linked to inclined sleepers in the US reinforces need for stronger product safety laws in Australia.

Consumer advocates welcome Act implementing three key Banking Royal Commission recommendations
6 February 2020

Today the Government passed the first omnibus bill in the wake of the Banking Royal Commission, which consumer advocates say will help address long-standing problems with unfair insurance contracts, funeral expenses policies and mortgage broking. 

Major insurers failing Australians with confusing "fire" cover: CHOICE
6 February 2020

Over 70% of home and contents policies analysed by CHOICE have confusing, unfair or unclear "fire" definitions. 

"An important day for borrowers"
6 February 2020

CHOICE welcomes the Federal Government's passage of the mortgage broking best interests duty.

Top of the class: CHOICE Back-to-School Basket Challenge reveals Officeworks is cheapest for school supplies
21 January 2020

Big W loses top place.

Unhealthy confusion with bundled health insurance: CHOICE
18 January 2020

CHOICE alleges deceptive pricing and forced bundling from GMHBA

CHOICE tips to take charge of 2020
1 January 2020

CHOICE experts share the top five things you can do to start the year right.