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More fridges than ever before failing our tests: CHOICE

17% of fridges arrived non-functional, had a noticeable fault, or failed energy testing in past 12 months.

At CHOICE, we rigorously test up to 40 fridges per year. Fridges are purchased and delivered using the same process any Australian would, to ensure we get the most authentic buying process possible. 

In the past 12 months, almost 20% of fridges we've tested have been delivered non-functional, had a noticeable fault which caused us to return it, or failed our energy testing.

"We've had a huge number of fridges fail our testing lately," says CHOICE white goods expert Ashley Iredale. "As Australians often spend hundreds or thousands on a fridge, this is not acceptable." 

"Fridges are also supposed to last 10 to 15 years, which means that you could be stuck with problems for a very long time." 

Some fridge brands fared worse than others. Beko, for example, is particularly prone to faults and general poor performance. Two of the Beko models tested by CHOICE scored less than 50%. 

"Beko is a popular brand, but we've had so many problems with these models that we're considering a moratorium on testing them," says Iredale. 

"When your new fridge arrives, put a thermometer into the fridge and freezer to make sure that it's at the right temperature. If your fridge isn't performing as it should, contact the retailer," says Iredale. 

"If your fridge is faulty the consumer law gives you the protection to get a repair, replacement or refund, depending on the nature of the fault. And because this product is so large, the retailer or the manufacturer should be paying the transport costs when something goes wrong."

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