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"People are choosing to leave private health, corporations shouldn’t be incentivised to stop them": CHOICE

CHOICE responds to industry's proposal for further private health insurance industry subsidies.

Quotes attributable to Dean Price, Senior Campaigns and Policy Advisor at CHOICE:

The health insurance lobby has proposed further Americanisation of our healthcare system by incentivising large corporations to take out health insurance for employees. Today's proposal would take away people's choices on healthcare. This comes from the same industry who has recently been pushing to fully privatise Medicare.

"People need to be at the centre of the debate about their health. Many people find health insurance expensive and to hold little value. Out-of-pocket costs are rising, and health insurers are paying out less per hospital visit."

"This is an opportunity for Greg Hunt to show that he isn't going to give in to lobby groups. The Federal Government should call a public inquiry into the health insurance industry. They need to limit the power of the vested interests who are pushing bad ideas behind closed doors."

The consumer advocate has a tool to help people decide whether they need health insurance ( and further guides are available if people want help to decide which tier and which policy is best for them.

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