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CHOICE statement on today's Ministerial Forum of Food Regulation Review

Health Star loophole left open.

Today the Ministerial Forum of Food Regulation met to discuss the recommendations of the Health Star Rating System Five Year Review.

The following quotes can be attributed to Linda Przhedetsky, CHOICE food policy expert:

"State, Territory and Federal Ministers are missing an important opportunity to close a loophole that lets businesses pick and choose which products use this helpful labelling system."

"CHOICE welcomes Ministers' commitments to supporting greater penalties to the way that sugar and salt is calculated in the Health Star Rating algorithm. This will help catch out sugar-laden and salty snacks that are receiving higher ratings than they deserve."

"We're disappointed to see that the Forum has not committed to a mandatory system. CHOICE research showed that when Health Stars weren't displayed on products, three quarters of people relied on marketing materials to determine the healthiness of a product."

"If Ministers want to help people make healthy choices about their food and drink, we need to see a stronger commitment to consistent food labelling."

CHOICE's complete report on the Health Star Rating system can be found here.

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