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Gold, silver or bronze? CHOICE helps you find the right level of private health cover

Consumer advocate CHOICE has released a new tool today to help people figure out what level of cover they need under new health insurance categories.

"Health insurance has changed with hospital policies now sorted into new categories: gold, silver, bronze, and basic. These categories have a vast array of health inclusions and exclusions, making it difficult to figure out what level of cover you really need," says insurance expert Jodi Bird. 

CHOICE has released a new quiz to help people figure out whether they need bronze, silver or gold level cover: 

This quiz builds on CHOICE’s existing tool to help people figure out if they’d benefit from health insurance for tax

"Remember, if you’re a permanent Australian resident, you already have health cover with Medicare. If you are looking at private health insurance, getting the right level of cover is essential. The wrong policy could leave you paying for insurance that won’t help you out when you most need it," says Mr Bird.

"Take out gold level cover if you want all the bells-and-whistles. It includes full cover for rehabilitation, pregnancy and birth, cataract eye surgery and hip or knee replacement."

"Silver cover is the mid-tier range. It covers 26 or more categories of treatments in private hospitals including dental surgery, cancer surgery and heart and vascular surgeries." 

"Bronze cover can work for people who are relatively healthy but want back-up cover for broken bones, flu and some diabetes treatment."

"CHOICE recommends that you avoid basic cover policies unless all you’re looking to do is save on tax."

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