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CHOICE scores cot safety win, but Canberra must act on safety

CHOICE calls for election commitment to General Safety Provision.

The major parties should commit to strong product safety laws as part of the 2019 Federal Election, according to consumer advocate CHOICE.

CHOICE has revealed that, for the first time ever, all baby cots reviewed have passed key safety tests, but says it shouldn't take years for problems to be identified and fixed after the fact.

"It's great to see that cot manufacturers are finally stepping up and making their products safer, after years of CHOICE raising the alarm, but it's taken too many years of pressure on the industry to get here," says CHOICE Head of Policy, Sarah Agar.

"68% of the cots we tested between 2012 and 2017 failed to meet some of our key safety requirements, so it's a welcome development that each of the 10 cots put through our most recent test passed the safety component.

"However, we still need strong product safety laws to ensure that businesses are designing safe products from the get-go. That's why CHOICE is calling for a bipartisan commitment from the responsible MPs, Stuart Robert and Madeleine King, for a General Safety Provision in the lead up to the 2019 Federal Election." 

A General Safety Provision would require businesses to ensure their products are safe before they go to market, flipping the current situation where issues are only resolved after products end up in stores and homes, and problems emerge. Over 19,000 Australians have taken action with CHOICE for better product safety laws.

"Parents shouldn't have to rely on a not-for-profit consumer organisation like CHOICE to test products for safety and push individual businesses to fix products that are already on the market and endangering children," says Agar.

"Worryingly, while these cribs passed our safety tests, cots that have previously failed are still on the market and a number of cot mattresses that we tested also failed."

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