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Nutri-Grain's Shonky to go

Kellogg's attempt to "health-wash" its sugary breakfast snack

4 October 2018


Kellogg's attempt to "health-wash" its sugary breakfast snack

Kellogg's Nutri-Grain is one of the big winners at this year's CHOICE Shonky awards after it passed off its Banana and Honey Smash To Go squeezer as a protein-filled breakfast substitute - even though it's full of sugar and contains less protein than Greek yoghurt[1].

"Kellogg's is telling young people this shonky snack will make them 'feel fuller for longer with protein' but what they don't highlight is how much sugar they've squeezed in to this poor option for

breakfast[2]," says CHOICE spokesperson Nicky Breen.

"The Banana and Honey Smash To Go squeezer contains 14.7 grams of sugar; nearly three times the 5.6 grams of protein heavily promoted on the packet.[3]

"We want to see the added sugar amounts in our food clearly displayed in the nutritional information panel and grouped together in the ingredients list, not hidden."

CHOICE says the shonky health claims are made worse by the marketing of Nutri-Grain products as 'Ironman' food.

"Kellogg's are one of a long list of companies 'health-washing' their sugar-laden products, demonstrating why it's so important that we improve food labelling in Australia.

"Kellogg's have really gone the extra mile to link their Nutri-Grain range with elite athletes. In reality, it's targeting young people and parents with a sugar-filled product. Nutri-Grain's Banana and Honey Smash To Go squeezer truly deserves its award at this year's Shonkys," Ms Breen says.

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