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Free range egg definition fails consumers

CHOICE says the new government standard released today is not a win for consumers.

26 April 2017

CHOICE is dismayed with the government's free range egg standard which suits the interests of large-scale egg producers at the expense of consumer needs.

"It's extremely disappointing that the new standard on free range eggs locks in a cap that is more than six times the previous voluntary limit of 1500 hens per hectare," says CHOICE  Head of Media, Tom Godfrey.

"We believe the new standard fails to meet consumers' understanding of what free range actually means. 

The new government standard for free range eggs allows a maximum stocking density of 10,000 birds per hectare and no specific requirement for the birds to go outside. 

"While stocking densities will need to be printed on pack, there is no requirement for this information to be displayed consistently or in a way that would help consumers compare free range egg products."

Last year CHOICE launched an augmented reality app, CluckAR to help consumers understand the differences between free range egg brands. It lets consumers scan egg cartons to see if the products outdoor stocking density meets their expectations.  

Consumers can download the CluckAR app from:

If consumers don't have the app, they can find out more from CHOICE's buying guide.  

Media contact: Tom Godfrey, CHOICE, Head of Media and Spokesperson: 0430 172 669