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International calls for Samsung to come clean

CHOICE is joining international consumer groups to call on Samsung to fully disclose the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

17 October 2016

Consumer group CHOICE has joined consumer bodies from around the world to call for Samsung to publicly explain how 2.5 million potentially dangerous Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were allowed on the global market. 

"Samsung has repeatedly put lives at risk around the world with its shoddy products and it's now time for the once great tech giant to come clean and help restore trust in its brand," says CHOICE Head of Media Tom Godfrey.

"Consumers need to know why the smartphone's serious safety failures were not picked up in testing and how the company will ensure a similar incident never takes places again. [1]

The call comes in the wake of Samsung stopping production of its flagship Galaxy Note 7 earlier this week after the company repeatedly failed to release safe products. [2] 

"It defies belief that Samsung put potentially dangerous smartphones on the market, not once, but twice, in the space of a few weeks," [3] Mr Godfrey says. 

"We are calling on Samsung to make its testing processes public and subject to independent scrutiny. It's really hard to see how it can regain consumer trust without taking these basic steps."

The international consumer groups are also calling on Samsung to put in place the highest standard of consistent redress, compensation and recall management in all markets.

"It's not good enough for Samsung to cherry pick which country they notify about their smartphone's safety issues. For example, we're concerned that they announced the problem in Mexico but not Brazil or Argentina," says Mr Godfrey. 

"In Nigeria and South Africa Samsung didn't release any consumer warnings on their website. This is a global safety issue, it needs a consistent global response."

CHOICE, in conjunction with peak body Consumers International, is calling on Samsung to:

1. Explain how and why this happened, subjecting its testing processes to independent scrutiny
2. Provide consumers with fair and consistent redress and compensation globally
3. Guarantee it will not simply repair the problematic handsets and market them to developing countries, where there may be fewer protections for consumers  
4. Provide safety information on the Galaxy Note 7 in all markets, regardless of where the phone has been sold. 
For more information visit or

Media Inquiries Tom Godfrey, Head of Media and Spokesperson - 0430 172 669 - @choice_news


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