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Thermoburns campaign

CHOICE is calling on consumers to report any Thermomix burns for Australia's first mass incident report

29 March 2016

CHOICE is calling on any owners of the popular Thermomix TM31 who have been burned or injured by the device to report what happened to the consumer advocacy group, with a view to making Australia's first mass incident report to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).
"From severe burns that required hospitalisation through to near-misses such as hot liquid exploding from the Thermomix but not harming anyone, we want to hear from anyone who's experienced these issues," says CHOICE Head of Media Tom Godfrey. 
"We've already heard from a number of Thermomix owners who say they have been injured by their Thermomix and we think the issue deserves further attention.
"We'll be compiling these complaints into Australia's first mass safety incident report to the national regulator – the ACCC - and will call for a further investigation.
"We are doing this because standing together can be more powerful than standing alone against a company that allegedly has tried to silence consumers through the use of non-disclosure agreements," says Mr. Godfrey.
CHOICE is concerned by reports that Thermomix is apparently playing hardball when it comes to customers seeking a refund. CHOICE is aware of one such customer, whose Thermomix TM31 has reportedly suffered multiple failures, claiming the company tried to pressure her into signing a confidentiality agreement in exchange for a refund. 
"We are also reminding owners of potentially affected Thermomix TM31 machines to seek a replacement 'sealing ring' as we approach the two year mark since the item was first listed on the national product recalls site in 2014," Mr. Godfrey says.

"Thermomix's PR team in Australia has now told CHOICE that 'as a precaution, the seal on TM31 appliances should be replaced every two years'." 
"Owners of potentially affected TM31 machines need to be aware the old sealing rings pose a risk of scalding when the machine is operated at speed settings four or above and then switched to the 'lid-open' position, as hot liquids can spew out," says Mr. Godfrey.

If you have had an issue with your Thermomix, report it to CHOICE at:

Thermoburns campaign

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