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Nominations for the 10th annual Shonky Awards close tomorrow

It's your last chance to nominate Australia's shonkiest product or service.

14 September 2015

From see-through swimwear to mischievous mixers, the 2015 CHOICE Shonky Awards name and shame Australia's worst products and services in a bid to get businesses to lift their game.

"With nominations closing tomorrow 15 September 2015 and only 22 days before the 'winners' are announced, this is your last chance to dish the dirt on what you believe is Australia's shonkiest offering," says CHOICE Head of Media, Tom Godfrey.

"Sadly, the Shonkys are in their tenth year. We hoped business would have lifted their game years ago but the steady streams of complaints we receive every year seems to suggest we have a lot more lemon squeezing to do.

"We are sounding the consumer call across the country for people to come forward with a product or a service they believe is the Shonkiest of the lot."

Last year seven companies were awarded the dubious lemon scented honour, including Commonwealth Bank, Arnott's, Kmart and Thermomix.

"If you believe a company is being sneaky, slippery, unscrupulous or even unsafe, we want to hear from you," says Mr Godfrey.

To sink to the depths of a Shonky Award, a product or service has to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Flaws, faults or failed a standard
  • Lack of transparency
  • False claims or broken promises
  • Consumer detriment or confusion
  • Poor value for money
  • Has the propensity to outrage or amuse

"While not every Shonky Award winner may be breaking laws or breaching regulations, CHOICE believes that consumers deserve better products and services.

"With 2015 already boasting so many contenders we're sure to have an oversupply of lemons that are ripe for the picking."

Nominations can be made at

The 2015 CHOICE Shonky Awards will be revealed on October 7 at Carriageworks in Eveleigh, Sydney, at 10:30am.

Further information on the #Shonkys can be found at

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