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Crushing Samsung's spin cycle

CHOICE says it’s time to get these 70,000 dodgy Samsung washing machines out of people’s homes

12 August 2015

Consumer advocacy group CHOICE has dramatically crushed Samsung’s spin cycle in Sydney today, destroying two of the electronics giant’s faulty top loader washing machines in a car crusher.

“With 207 fires or incidents across Australia caused by Samsung’s recalled washing machines, we felt it was time to crush the spin cycle and get the message through to consumers that they need to act,” says CHOICE Head of Media, Tom Godfrey. 

CHOICE used a giant metal claw at Sydney Metal Traders in Greenacre to pick up the machines before dropping them into an industrial car crusher.
“We have serious concerns about Samsung's failure to repair, replace or refund over 70,000 faulty washing machines that are still lurking in people's homes. At least the two duds we have crushed today will no longer present a danger to consumers,” says Mr Godfrey.
“The crushing marks the start of our campaign to get the message through to consumers that these machines have the potential to destroy your home.
“Samsung claim they didn’t need to advertise on television to alert consumers to the danger of their washing machines. That's why we are calling on Australians to help crowdfund a television commercial this multi-billion dollar company doesn’t want you to see.  
“Worryingly, it is often only after a member of the public becomes ill or suffers a serious injury that the message of the recall cuts through. 
“We think the business responsible for putting the dodgy products on the market should be doing all it can to protect the public following their failure. Recalls should not be about notices that look more like polished marketing collateral than a serious public warning. 
“We believe the risks to the consumers should be put well above the risks to a company's reputation or bottom line.
“If you have a potentially faulty Samsung washing machine it is time to act to protect your family. The fact is, you do not want one of these dodgy Samsung washing machines in your home,” Mr Godfrey says.
For further information on CHOICE crowdfunding campaign, visit:
CHOICE welcomes NSW Fair Trading's recent decision to make the Samsung recall mandatory. Further details about this decision can be found here
Recalled washing machines 
The following models were manufactured from 2010 to 2013.
  • SW75V9WIP
  • SW65V9WIP

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