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We tested 17 dashcams

Here are two that we tested


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Vacron CDR-E07

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We tested 17 dashboard cameras in total. Compare these in the full test report.

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I had a heart attack about 18 months ago. Do you know if an insurer would give me income protection or life insurance?

We're not licensed to give personal financial advice so can only answer your question in general terms.

As a first step, check if you have any life insurance and income protection insurance with your super fund. Usually, within superannuation, you can get at least some basic life insurance cover without the otherwise obligatory health check.

If you need more cover than the super fund offers, it would probably be a good idea to go to an insurance broker or a financial adviser to get personalised advice. Depending on the company and your health condition, there are three likely outcomes: you may not be offered any cover, your pre-existing health conditions may be excluded, or you may have to pay a surcharge on the premium.

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"Thank you for your email and advice. I have today received a refund cheque for the full amount that I was charged, so I am pleased to report this matter to have been resolved successfully!"

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"I've been reading with interest about consumer rights under the new Australian Consumer Law. Then an article in CHOICE gave me the confidence to test out the ACL's provisions on how long one can reasonably expect products to last..."

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