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Team Leader - Digital home

Q. I need to buy a new electric heater for my kids' bedroom - what are the essential safety features it should have?

A. Look for a heater with thermal cut-out, which is designed to prevent the heater from overheating, and a tilt switch, which turns the heater off automatically if it falls over. Also, make sure the cord length is right for your set-up – heaters shouldn't be used with an extension cord or with the cord coiled as it may get hot and pose a fire hazard.

While not part of the testing standard, we also drape a towel over the heater while it's on full power. The testers check that the heater doesn't overheat and that it shuts down before it damages the towel or itself – a tough test that simulates what might happen if something is draped over the heater (deliberately or accidentally). While most electric heaters pass this test, always put your clothes on a rack nearby rather than put anything in direct contact with a heater no matter how safe you think it might be.

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