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Shonky Awards 2015

We've just presented our 10th annual awards. Check the Shonkys microsite to see who's been named and shamed!

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Just tested: 17 dashcams

Get vital stats on two of the 17 we tested.


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Vicovation Marcus 4

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We tested 17 dashboard cameras in total. Compare these in the full test report.

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Ask the Expert

Team leader - Whitegoods

My son's skin reacts to detergents. I use a special 'sensitive' laundry powder, but was thinking of buying a laundry ball. Do you know how well they work? We have a front loader.

They may be kind to your son's skin, but they probably won't get the laundry clean. In fact, you may be better off just washing in water! You can take a look at our laundry balls review to see how they fared, but we also recommend checking out our front loader detergent review – a sensitive formulation from a leading brand was CHOICE Recommended.

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