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DJI Phantom 3 Standard

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Hubsan H107D

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Tony Ibrahim

Q. In your electric blanket buying guide you say the blanket shouldn't be wider than the mattress. But I have a double bed and when I ask in stores, they tell me that double-sized electric blankets are no longer available and that it's fine for me to use a queen size. Is it true that they no longer make double? Would a queen be OK for me to buy?

A. Buying a double bed blanket would still be the best way to go. I worry the retailer might be misleading you here because our research shows double bed electric blankets are still in production by Sunbeam, Kambrook, Hotel living, Essential, Dreamland, Jason, Sheffield and Econo-heat. Odds are the retailer simply isn't stocking the less popular size. Try another store, or perhaps buy online but stick to a big brand retailer.

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