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Team leader - Household

Q. Robot vacuum cleaners have been around for a while now – are they good enough yet for me to ditch my barrel vac and let a nifty little UFO do my most hated chore?

A. Sadly not – unless giving up the weekly vacuum is worth over a grand to you. In our latest test, one of the cheaper models scored a pitiful 0% in dirt pickup from carpet (it only picked up 0.4% of the dirt!). The only two models we recommend both have an RRP of well over a thousand dollars, and they still don't do too well when it comes to cleaning around corners and edges.

That said, while most models aren't good enough to measure up to the suction power of even a mid-performing barrel or upright vacuum, they can still be very handy for keeping your hard floors free of dust and crumbs. So if you don't have a lot of carpet (or stairs) in your home and you want a robot vacuum to maintain a basic level of cleanliness with minimum effort, it could be worth considering.

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"Thanks for the fast response. We've decided to have the washing machine repaired but will lodge a complaint with the manufacturer about the cost. We are lucky to have CHOICE, a great organisation we can trust and rely on."

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