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Fitness trackers

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Sony Smartband 2 SWR12

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FitBit surge

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We tested 13 fitness trackers. Compare these in our comprehensive report.

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Rebecca Ciaramidaro CHOICE content producer

Rebecca Ciaramidaro

Content producer - Household

Q: Do special "technologies" like ionic, ceramic and tourmaline really help improve the performance of a hair dryer? What do these terms even mean?

A: Ionic technology claims to condition hair by using negatively charged ions, which are created by passing air oven an electric current. It's said to dry hair faster, retain moisture to keep hair healthy and smooth and create less static to reduce frizz. Ceramic technology is said to control the heat to provide even heat distribution and add shine while protecting hair from frizz and damage. Tourmaline technology generates negative ions with the aim to speed up drying while reducing static.

In our lab tests and user trials, though, we've found no conclusive evidence to say that these technologies improve hair dryer performance – how your hair will look once you've dried it is much more dependent on the condition it's in to begin with (and your styling skill).

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