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24 Nov 2014

What’s your holiday horror story?

cn holiday horrors
If holiday horrors have ever plagued your vacation we want to hear about it! Help our campaign by sharing your story.
27 Nov 2014

Cash back offers in spotlight over compliance concerns

cash back offers falling out of bin
Pay $1000, get $100 back. Why not just get a 10% discount? Cash back offers are under fire after a compliance blitz found many with problems.
27 Nov 2014

Aussies lose two digital music services

cn music apps shutdown lead
Samsung has announced plans to shut down its Music Hub streaming service, and Telstra will close its downloadable music store, BigPond Music, at the end of 2014.
26 Nov 2014

Apple gets behind (RED) campaign to fund AIDS research

cn apple RED Global AIDS Fund
Proceeds from the promotion will go to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.
25 Nov 2014

Private education and training sector to face Senate inquiry

teacher at his desk with laptop
Regulator of registered training organisations (RTOs) found only 20% of those audited were fully compliant in 2013-14.
24 Nov 2014

How many Australians actually watch Netflix?

New research from CHOICE has found an increasing number of Australians are dodging online geoblocks and purchasing movies and TV shows directly from overseas.
21 Nov 2014

How trustworthy are Google's Trusted Stores?

person delivers parcel through computer screen
Google offers a free, opt-in purchase protection up to $1000 on purchases made in its Trusted Stores, but what are the caveats?
20 Nov 2014

UPDATE: senate vote saves FoFA

two people signing document
In a historic day for consumer protection, senators have indicated they will strike down changes to FoFA that watered down consumer protections against bad financial advice.
20 Nov 2014

Chemist Warehouse hits spotlight for pricing practices

chemist warehouse sign
Two major pharmacy organisations have referred chemist chain’s pricing practices to the ACCC for assessment.
19 Nov 2014

Netflix coming to Australia

cn netflix to launch in australia
Popular on-demand online movie and TV streaming service has finally announced it's launching an Australian and New Zealand service after many months of speculation.