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30 Jan 2015

Scientists find potential key to overeating and sugar addiction

obese person
Could the solution to overeating and sugar addiction be just a short circuit away?
28 Jan 2015

Back to school (lunches)

Back to school for the kids, and back to making lunches for parents. CHOICE gives the lowdown on how to keep it simple and safe.
27 Jan 2015

ACCC investigates whether airlines misled consumers on fuel surcharges

Plane flies in the sky
Virgin Australia is the only airline so far to announce a fare restructure to adjust for the decline in global oil prices.
23 Jan 2015

Australia Day BBQ health star switches

healthy BBQ veggie skewers
We show you how to switch foods with low stars for more stars, so you can have a healthier Australia Day barbecue.
22 Jan 2015

Most fish oils have false omega-3 claims says study

woman takes fish oil capsule
A new study has found that only three out of 32 fish oil supplements had omega-3 levels that were equal to or more than the amount claimed on the label.
21 Jan 2015

Copyright Week 2015: a call to arms

When you buy most things you own them. They’re yours. But that’s not the case with digital files. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has organised Copyright Week to enlist consumer support for enshrining fair use provisions in law.
21 Jan 2015

Salt study taken with a grain of salt

salt shaker tipped over
A new study that claimed to demonstrate salt was not such a bad thing for older adults should be 'taken with a grain of salt', experts have said.
20 Jan 2015

Sizing up food packaging

With food and groceries the second biggest cost-of-living concern for Australian consumers, CHOICE compared a selection of groceries to show consumers how they can get more value at the supermarket.
20 Jan 2015

State of the States

NSW and the Northern Territory top CommSec's 'State of the States' report, while WA slips down the rankings in the September quarter.
19 Jan 2015

Caffeine increases soft drink consumption: study

can of coca cola in the sand
Research has found caffeine increases the amount of soft drinks one consumes, prompting calls for tighter regulation.