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23 Apr 2014

Reduced salt intake leads to huge drop in heart disease deaths

Benefits of eating less salt have been proven.
A 15% reduction of salt intake has been credited with the 40% reduction of deaths by heart disease and stroke in the UK.
23 Apr 2014

Movie streaming services set to launch

More movie streaming services are on the way
Dendy Direct and Hoyts Stream add to the online streaming services available to Australian viewers and show viewers want affordable, flexible content when it comes to their online entertainment.
22 Apr 2014

Bulk billing co-payment on the cards

Patient and partner visiting a GP.
Bulk-billing charge of $6 per visit expected to be announced in May's Budget.
17 Apr 2014

How to make a claim for cyclone damage

North Queensland is facing a massive recovery after Cyclone Ita. Follow our tips to lodge your home and contents insurance claim.
17 Apr 2014

TPG fined over emergency number access denial

TPG fails to give customers access to Triple Zero 000 emergency services
Some TPG customers didn't have access to 000 emergency numbers for six months.
17 Apr 2014

Google has admitted to scanning emails

Google has changed its terms of service and admitted to scanning the emails of Gmail users.
17 Apr 2014

SIDS research breakthrough

Researchers were looking at the presence and distribution of a protein called APP in the brain.
16 Apr 2014

Traditional Chinese herb found to reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

A recent study showed the herb Tripterygium wilfordii was as effective in relieving rheumatoid arthritis symptoms as standard conventional medication methotrexate - with some reservations.
16 Apr 2014

Bitcoin ATM launches in Sydney

The first Bitcoin ATM has launched in Sydney allowing consumers to deposit and withdraw the bitcoin crypto-currency with "convenience".
16 Apr 2014

Heartbleed bug an internet 'catastrophe'

Heartbleed bug brings internet to its knees
The Heartbleed bug isn’t a problem with PCs or software, but with the internet itself, so antivirus software on your PC won’t fix it.