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16 Apr 2014

Bitcoin ATM launches in Sydney

The first Bitcoin ATM has launched in Sydney allowing consumers to deposit and withdraw the bitcoin crypto-currency with "convenience".
16 Apr 2014

Heartbleed bug an internet 'catastrophe'

Heartbleed bug brings internet to its knees
The Heartbleed bug isn’t a problem with PCs or software, but with the internet itself, so antivirus software on your PC won’t fix it.
16 Apr 2014

Consumers ditch car insurance

More Australians compare car insurance before they renew their car insurance policies.
15 Apr 2014

Commonwealth Bank suffers outage

Commonwealth Banks systems outage
Commonwealth Bank suffers outage, leaving customers frustrated.
15 Apr 2014

Refund rights for cancelled Rolling Stones concerts

The postponing of The Rolling Stones Australian concerts has left consumers in the lurch. CHOICE looks at your rights when it comes to getting a refund.
16 Apr 2014

First Health Star Ratings hit the shelves

The move by Monster is a welcome step forward for the Health Star Rating Scheme.
14 Apr 2014

NSW measured up on health

A new report shows NSW stacks up well in some aspects of healthcare, but affordability is an issue.
15 Apr 2014

ACCC admits to privacy breach

The ACCC admits to privacy breaches.
The ACCC admits to privacy breaches from several of its websites that exposed email addresses of subscribers to its newsletters.
15 Apr 2014

Male weight loss good for baby

Doctor examining young child
Study finds that male weight loss before conception improves prenatal development.
14 Apr 2014

Woolworths breaches ACCC fuel undertaking

Court finds that Woolworths breached fuel shopper docket undertaking, but later offers by Coles and Woolworths did not.