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30 Jul 2014

Is a Woolworths bank also on the way?

woolworths banking woolworths logo
Woolworths has applied for trademarks that indicate the supermarket could be making a further push into financial services.
30 Jul 2014

Australia’s road spending ‘hideously inefficient’

Dollar sign road on a cliff
A report commissioned by Infrastructure Australia lambasts monopoly road agencies for hideously inefficient road spending.
29 Jul 2014

Medicines Australia Code of Conduct not good enough

Pills falling out of $100 bill
The 18th edition of the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct falls short on transparency of transactions between doctors and pharmaceutical companies, says consumer advocate, Dr Ken Harvey.
29 Jul 2014

Opal card users get anonymous option - with a catch

Opal cards privacy envelope stamped confidential
Transport for NSW has announced Sydneysiders will finally be able to purchase anonymous Opal public transport cards, but only for a limited time and at selected locations.
28 Jul 2014

Fixed-term interest rates fall, but beware

Hand holding an image of a home
While fixed interest home loams are at record lows, financial counsellors are urging potential borrowers to consider potential longer-term costs.
28 Jul 2014

Goodbye signature, hello PIN

Finger keying PIN into EFTPOS machine
Australian consumers will no longer be able to sign for credit card payments from 1 August and must only use a PIN.
29 Jul 2014

Anti-piracy discussion paper leaked

typing on a computer keyboard
A discussion paper on a number of anti-internet-piracy policies has been leaked to the media, but questions of access and price remain unanswered.
24 Jul 2014

Paracetamol no better than placebo for back pain

painkillers used for back pain
Paracetamol is no better than placebo at speeding recovery from acute episodes of lower back pain, according to a large Australian study.
23 Jul 2014

Carbon tax repeal savings must be passed on: ACCC

Piggy bank with an electrical cord
The ACCC says it will come down hard on electricity and gas retailers who fail to pass on savings resulting from the repeal of the carbon tax.
23 Jul 2014

Diagnostic imaging tests ordered by GPs increase forty-five per cent

patient undergoing medical imaging
Sydney University research reveals that medical imaging diagnostic tests, including CT and MRI scans, ordered by GPs increased 45% over 10 years.