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22 Dec 2014

Coles guilty of unconscionable conduct, fined $10m

graphic of person with a shark behind him
Coles has been slammed with a $10 million fine after admitting to unconscionable conduct against suppliers.
22 Dec 2014

Fisher & Paykel slammed for sending fishy extended warranty letters

extended warranty sign
Fisher & Paykel has been found guilty of misleading consumers after sending out fishy extended warranty letters that misrepresented consumer rights under the Australian Consumer Law.
22 Dec 2014

North Queensland home insurance premiums through the roof

A comparison website and allowing foreign insurers are among the plans to reduce home insurance premiums, but insurers believe risk mitigation is more helpful.
19 Dec 2014

CHOICE Christmas spending survey reveals a tale of two Christmases

Almost three in ten Australians are expecting to spend less on Christmas this year, a CHOICE survey has found.
18 Dec 2014

Consumer wins 2014

two older people discussing finances with adviser
We've had a bunch of successes this year, not least of which was saving FoFA. And it's time to celebrate.
18 Dec 2014

How to avoid food poisoning this Christmas

family and friends sharing food at Christmas
Ready for Christmas turkey with all the trimmings? Follow these food safety tips to prevent food poisoning from spoiling your festive season.
16 Dec 2014

Telstra in ACCC firing line - again

telstra logo with coins
Telstra caps off the year with a $102,000 fine from the ACCC for shonky iPhone 6 advertising.
16 Dec 2014

Travellers switch off to avoid bill shock

Recent research shows that one in two Aussie travellers will either switch off or leave their phones at home when travelling overseas because of fears of high global roaming fees.
12 Dec 2014

Festive season phone recycling push

cn mobile muster old phones lead
Consumers urged to recycle their phones this festive season with Salvos and MobileMuster’s Old Phones For Good campaign, which gives money for all phones and accessories recycled in December and January to the Salvos' Christmas Appeal.
10 Dec 2014

Government's anti-piracy plan to hit all internet users where it hurts

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If the government introduces its planned “anti-piracy” policies to protect big business, you’ll end up paying the cost via higher internet charges. If you disagree with this and want affordable internet, sign our petition.