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Think twice and double-check before trusting a user-generated review.
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03.What to watch out for


Without independent checks, some basic detective work can help filter out the fibs. 

  • Check reviews about the same business from different sources. 
  • Keep an eye out for telltale signs of fakery, such as a sudden increase in positive or negative reviews over a short time frame that don't quite fit in with earlier reviews. 
  • Beware of reviews that appear to be submitted by different people but are suspiciously similar in tone and style. 
  • A one-star rating by a reviewer for a five-star hotel should be regarded with suspicion. 
  • A website,, developed by prestigious Cornell University in the US, claims to “identify fake hotel reviews with nearly 90% accuracy”, although a disclaimer mentions the service “is offered for entertainment purposes only”. 
  • UK-based KwikChex verifies the authenticity of online reviews for businesses and allows customers of its clients to raise concerns. 

TripAdvisor tips 

We also asked TripAdvisor for tips on how to ensure its reviews are reliable. 

  • Becoming a registered TripAdvisor user may seem like surrendering your anonymity (to the extent that you have any at all online!), but you’ll be able to find out more about the reviewer and the hotel and be in a better position to check on the review's authenticity. You can opt out of being sent promotional material. 
  • Check the public profile of the reviewer to see what other reviews they’ve posted. Do their reviews seem balanced and consistent? You can also email the reviewer directly with questions about a specific property if you’re a registered user.
  • Connect with Facebook friends who’ve posted reviews on TripAdvisor - another way of double-checking the authenticity of a review.


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