Airline travel

Independent and trusted reviews and investigations of airline travel products and services, including information about flight websites, frequent flyer points, and your rights in flight. 


Hotel review sites

Think twice and double-check before trusting a user-generated review.

4 Nov 2013 | User-generated review sites like Trip Advisor still have a long way to go in ensuring the reliability of their reviews.


Booking a bed: from sites to swaps

From free accommodation options like couch surfing to the hotel booking sites that get you five stars for fewer dollars, we look at ways for you to find the accommodation that suits your trip.

17 Sep 2013 | Get the most bang from your buck by checking out CHOICE's comparison of hotel booking sites, couch surfing, home rental and more.


Overseas money transfers

When transferring money overseas, it pays to avoid the banks.

3 Apr 2013 | Unexpected fees and a poor exchange rate could cost you hundreds of dollars in the course of an international money transfer.


Airline website booking traps

We expose the website traps and surcharges that can blow out the cost of that bargain basement airfare.

25 Mar 2013 | Don't get stung with unexpected fees and charges when booking your next domestic flight.


Hotel clubs and reward programs

Do hotel reward programs really stack up in your favour?

4 Sep 2012 | We've looked into hotel club memberships, comparing the loyalty programs of a few major players, to see how much bang for your buck you really get.


Travel money card comparisons

Avoiding fees is the first order of business when it comes to pre-paid travel money cards.

27 Mar 2012 | The travel card market has expanded in the last couple of years, with a range of new products released to the market, but the fees can still pack a sting.

Range of small suitcases

Carry-on suitcase reviews

Onboard suitcases are convenient, but price isn't always an indicator of quality.

24 Oct 2011 | CHOICE tested 10 suitcases, which can be used as either check-in or carry-on luggage, and enlisted three cabin crew to put them through their paces.

Book flights online

Flight comparison websites

Don't assume you'll always find the cheapest flights on the most well-known sites.

9 Aug 2011 | We surfed more than a dozen Australian flight comparison websites and found savings of up to $369 for flights leaving to and from the same destination on the same dates.

passengers on a plane

Your rights in flight

Delays due to natural causes, lost baggage or poor cabin service can ruin your travel plans.

21 Jun 2011 | Most airlines do everything they can to limit their liability for any losses you encounter as a result of delays or cancellations. In some cases we think their terms and conditions wouldn’t hold up if challenged.


Suitcase safety

We look at some suitcase safety measures that may protect your belongings at home and abroad.

28 Apr 2011 | Locks, straps, cable ties or shrink wrap? CHOICE runs through the options.

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