Delicious recipes from the CHOICE kitchen to try at home.

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muesli for breakfast

Toasted muesli recipe

04 Dec 2006 | This simple home made museli recipe is both delicious and healthy. It won't last long.  More »


Zesty fresh fruit juices

29 Aug 2000 | Don't let your juicer sit idle at the back of the kitchen cupboard when you could be making these easy and delicious mixed fruit juices.   More »


Homemade pizza

07 Jul 2009 | Try out the variety of toppings we suggest to find something for all the family.  More »


Potato recipes

02 Jul 2009 | Put the finishing touches on your baked dinner with these delicious roast potatoes or get perfectly light and fluffy mash with our simple to follow recipes.  More »

fi and G001

Cook's CHOICE - taking the chore out of cooking.

25 Jun 2010 | Meet Fiona and Gene, our Cook's CHOICE team.  More »


Scrambled eggs

05 Jul 2010 | A delicious traditional or creamy scrambled eggs.  More »


Asian-style chicken noodle soup

05 Jul 2010 | A tangy and slightly hot chicken noodle soup.

  More »

CHOICE recipe cauliflower soup

Cauliflower soup

08 Jun 2010 | The blending of cauliflower and spices creates a great dish.

  More »

CHOICE recipe chicken corn and brussel sprout soup

Chicken corn and brussel sprout soup

24 Jun 2010 | An oft-maligned vegetable makes the core of this delicious soup

  More »

CHOICE recipe chicken stock

Chicken Stock

08 Jun 2010 | The simple base ingredient for thousands of meals

  More »

Top 10 Recent Articles

Rocky road credit card

Rocky road recipe

08 Jun 2010 | Treat your sweet tooth with our tasty rocky road.

  More »


Fennel salad

02 Mar 2011 | A delicious salad that quick and easy to make.  More »


Vegetarian bean dip

02 Mar 2011 | A tasty dish that's great for everyone.  More »


BBQ mushrooms

02 Mar 2011 | A tasty recipe for BBQ mushrooms with herbs.  More »


Broad bean and haloumi salad

02 Mar 2011 | Try this delicious salad that combines broad beans, haloumi and red capsicum.  More »


Watercress salad

02 Mar 2011 | An accompaniment to any meal.  More »

CHOICE recipe breakfast yeast cake

Breakfast Plum Cake

08 Jun 2010 | Known as plum cake, it's tasty and worth going back for more.   More »

chili shredded beef

Slow cooked chili shredded beef

02 Feb 2011 | Warm any kitchen table with this hearty slow cooked meal.  More »

white sauce

How to cook bechamel sauce in a microwave

08 Feb 2011 | A tasty sauce to go with different dishes like lasagna and au gratin  More »


Slow cooked corned beef

20 Jan 2011 | Set up your slow cooker in the morning and come home at the end of the day to delicious corned beef  More »

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