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A simple device can help you keep your tyre pressure in check.
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01.Tyre pressure checkers review

Please note: this information was current as of February 2008 but is still a useful guide to today's market.

Tyre pressure checkerDriving with under-inflated tyres uses more petrol, adversely affects a car's handling, and may lead to tyre damage. All very good reasons to keep car’s tyres (including the spare) inflated at the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Ideally, people should check their tyres regularly, for example every time they fill up with petrol.

As if. NRMA figures show that more than 90% of cars serviced at its Motorserve Car Centres had underinflated tyres, and only one in four motorists regularly check their tyre pressure.

If you’re one of the majority who find it a bit of a chore to check your tyre pressure on a regular basis, why not invest in a set of tyre pressure indicators that do the monitoring for you?  


We looked at a product called Tyrecheckers. They cost $25 to $30 (for a 4-pack), and are available for a range of pressures from 28 to 80 psi. Get the one that’s closest to the pressure recommended for your car.

Tyrecheckers replace the valve cap on each tyre, and have an indicator with three colour segments. Our test found they worked well.

  • If the tyre is inflated as recommended (or over), the indicator shows green.
  • A pressure of up to about 10% under the recommended value triggers the yellow segment.
  • Once the pressure drops more than 10% or so below ideal, you’ll see red — and know it's time to inflate.

Installation and removal

Taking the Tyrecheckers off when you have to inflate the tyres is as easy as installing them — they simply screw on and off like a valve cap.

However, that also makes them very easy to steal. That’s why (for $3) you can buy a special set of locknuts that you screw onto the valves and tighten with the supplied spanner before installing the Tyrecheckers.

The process is a bit fiddly. It stops unprepared thieves running off with your Tyrecheckers, but also means you need a spanner each time you want to inflate your tyres.


Model: Tyrecheckers tyre pressure indicators
Price: $27.00 
Contact: www.tyrecheckers.com.au



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