Car advice and safety

Independent and trusted reviews of used car and new car safety ratings and child car seats.

Speed camera

Contesting parking and speeding fines

Ever wondered how to contest unjust parking and speed camera fines?

15 Sep 2009 | CHOICE found 30% of parking fine appeals to the NSW Treasury’s Office of State Revenue were successful. So what are your options?

Breathalyser and empty glass

Can you trust personal breathalysers?

CHOICE trialled electronic and disposable breathalysers and the results were disturbing.

4 Sep 2009 | Personal breathalysers give an indication of a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC). CHOICE trialled nine priced below $200.

Rental car signage

Guide to low-risk car rental

Car rental contracts operate in favour of the rental companies, but you can reduce your risks.

21 Apr 2008 | Renting a car at your destination offers the flexibility to make the most of a holiday but nearly everyone knows of someone who's been ripped off.


Breathalysers review 2005

Can you rely on a personal breathalyser to tell when you're over the legal limit?

9 Dec 2005 | While this was a small trial, based on its results we wouldn't recommend buying any of the six tested models.

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