Car advice and safety

Independent and trusted reviews of used car and new car safety ratings and child car seats.

Child car restraints

Child car restraint reviews

These restraints all meet the stringent requirements of the Australian standard, but some are easier to install and use than others

28 Jan 2015 | Installing a child car restraint correctly is essential for preventing injuries to your child in a crash.


Car security

Before you lock in your next car purchase, use these NRMA Insurance security scores to choose a more secure model.

16 Oct 2014 | We've teamed up with NRMA Insurance to present data on which vehicles from leading manufacturers, including Volkswagen, Audi, Hyundai and Holden, have better security.


ANCAP new car safety ratings

The latest ANCAP car crash testing reveals which new cars are the safest.

4 Sep 2014 | ANCAP aims to provide safety ratings for popular vehicle makes and models, so consumers can make informed decisions before they buy their next car.

Car rear visibility

Car rear visibility

How well can you see out of the back of your car?

29 Jan 2014 | All cars have a "blind area" that could easily hide a child. NRMA Insurance's Reversing Visibility Index is your back up for choosing a safer model.


Dog car harness test

A test of popular pet harnesses reveals that many are ineffective in restraining your pet, even in a low speed collision.

18 Dec 2013 | Test results from the NRMA Insurance's Research Centre show which dog car harnesses can offer the best protection for your four-legged companion.


Used car safety ratings

In the market for a used car? Here's how to choose a safe model.

30 Aug 2013 | If you're in the market for an older model used car you'll need to do your research and the 2013 Used Car Safety Ratings is a good place to start. This year 216 vehicle models have been rated.


Small vehicle repair costs

The results of this low-speed crash test show there are vast differences in repair costs across the range of top selling small vehicles.

28 Nov 2012 | NRMA Insurance put the spotlight on nine top selling small vehicles in Australia to see how their bumpers performed when involved in a collision.

Car Reversing Camera Kit Review

Car reversing camera kit reviews

These car reversing camera kits give you support, but don’t rely on them entirely.

12 Jun 2012 | A car reversing camera kit supplies you with a camera that you attach to the rear of the car, along with a monitor for viewing.


Rental car companies

CHOICE tells you which car rental companies to avoid.

18 Apr 2011 | CHOICE scrutinised the contracts of some of Australia's largest car rental companies - and found plenty to be concerned about.


Driver fatigue alarm quick review

CHOICE road-tests these devices to find out how effective they really are.

29 Nov 2010 | Will these alarms help you avoid a microsleep?

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