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02.Car wash rating scheme

The Car Wash Water Saver Rating scheme, accredited by the Smart Approved Watermark, was set up by the Australian Car Wash Association (ACWA). Similar to the star rating on many whitegoods, the scheme provides a rating system for commercial car wash companies. Each star represents the amount of water used by the company per car washed.

This scheme involves a star rating system for commercial car wash companies similar to the star rating you find on many white goods. Each star in the system represents the amount of water used by the company per car washed.

water saver logoStar rating system

3-star car wash uses between 121L to 140L per wash.
4-star uses between 101L and 120L.
5-star uses up to 100L per car wash.

These amounts are for normal conditions. In areas under drought conditions, the maximum allowable water usage will be up to 70L for a five-star car wash.

How is it verified?

To verify the claims of the car wash companies, an independent auditor makes spot checks of accredited companies. The scheme is currently voluntary however the ACWA hopes to make it a national licensing condition in the car wash industry.

In the meantime, look for the five-star rating at your local car wash. If it’s not prominently displayed, ask why they are not a part of the star-rating scheme.


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