Independent and trusted reviews, tests and comparisons of car GPS systems and GPS apps.


Smartphone car GPS app reviews

Which mobile GPS apps can you trust to get you from point A to point B?

19 Jun 2014 | We've tested 19 apps for iPhone, Android and Windows, priced from $0-70 to guide your decision.

GPS Reviews - GPS Unit

Car GPS review

Car GPS devices have never been more affordable, come with more features or had better smartphone integration.

21 Nov 2013 | We've tested 18 of the latest car GPS units, priced from $99 to $349, including models from Garmin, Navman and TomTom.


Aldi Go Cruise 1602 first look

For its price, this car GPS unit from Aldi is a winner.

5 Dec 2011 | Despite its low price, the Go Cruise includes all the features and functions you’d expect to see on a modern car GPS.


GPS car navigation review Nov 2009

Find the best GPS system for both city and country driving, whether in a car or on a motorcycle.

26 Nov 2009 | CHOICE took 12 car GPS units to the streets and we also looked at three devices designed for motorcycles.

Alerte GPS

AlerteGPS quick review

It finds speed cameras while you’re driving, but only sometimes.

16 Sep 2009 | The AlerteGPS G200 is designed for drivers who want a device that indicates speed camera locations only, however our tester found that you should look at our car GPS test first.


GPS car navigation review March 2009

GPS test results for both city and country driving.

1 Mar 2009 | CHOICE took 17 car GPS units to the streets, including our first ever ALDI model, and found that while most performed well, following their directions unequivocally isn't recommended.


Car navigation systems buying guide

What to look for in a car GPS.

23 Nov 2006 | Use our guide to know what features you need in a car GPS to suit your driving needs.


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