Buying a car

Independent and trusted reviews of car reliability and safety and buying guides to help you choose the right car.

Toyota Prius i-Tech

Toyota Prius i-Tech first look

The most recent model copies previous engine design and delivers just as good a fuel economy, but is it worth the expense?

18 Apr 2012 | CHOICE takes a look at the most recent Prius on the market, with the optional i-Tech add on.


Mazda 3 SKYACTIV first look

We take a look at Mazda's latest green car.

4 Apr 2012 | We've driven the Mazda 3 SKYACTIV for 3000km, to find out how it performs, how fuel efficient it is, and what makes it green.

Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion

VW BlueMotion first look

Some twists and turns make the BlueMotion another green option.

12 Mar 2012 | We take the VW BlueMotion for a spin to find out how it feels to drive, comfort of driving and other first impressions.


Mitsubishi i-MiEV first look

We take a look at the first mass-produced electric car available to consumers in Australia.

20 Jan 2012 | We take the Mitsubishi i-MIEV for a spin and reveal how it feels to drive, and other first impressions.


Car reliability survey

Our latest car reliability member survey gives the low down on breakdowns.

12 May 2011 | Advanced technologies used by car manufacturers aim to make your ride as smooth and safe as possible, how do they fare for reliability?

Car on country road

Used car buying guide

Buying a secondhand car can be a minefield. Read our tips and learn how to avoid disaster.

3 Mar 2011 | "Buyer beware" never applies more than when shopping for a used car.

new car

How to buy a new car

Follow our buying guide to make sure you get the best deal on a new car.

31 May 2010 | Save thousands on your next new car – and steer clear of the traps and pitfalls – by following the CHOICE buying guide.

Rental car signage

Guide to low-risk car rental

Car rental contracts operate in favour of the rental companies, but you can reduce your risks.

21 Apr 2008 | Renting a car at your destination offers the flexibility to make the most of a holiday but nearly everyone knows of someone who's been ripped off.

New car

Your rights when you buy a used car

What are your rights if your car spends more time in the service centre than on the road?

16 May 2006 | When you buy a new car rather than a used one, you probably expect to buy the peace of mind of faultless performance for at least a few years.


Car depreciation

Buying a new car is a big purchase but a bad investment.

28 Apr 2006 | Depending on their size, cars depreciate on average by around 14% a year for the first three years. But there are ways you can limit the impact of car depreciation on your hip pocket.

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