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Subaru Forester 2.5i-S

Subaru Forester First Look

We test drive the five-seater 2.5i-S, a luxury variant of the Subaru Forester.

11 Mar 2013 | CHOICE members the Eleftheriou family took the five-seater Subaru Forester 2.5i-S for a spin. What did they think of its fancy features - and high price tag?

Mitsubishi ASX 2WD

Mitsubishi ASX first look

Did the Shepherdson family aspire to own the new Mitsubishi ASX Aspire?

12 Feb 2013 | This small SUV packs in the features, but could it also do with a little more grunt? CHOICE members the Shepherdsons take a test drive.

Holden Captiva

Holden Captiva 5 first look

We road test this small SUV, priced from $27,990.

11 Feb 2013 | The Holden Captiva 5 may have plenty of room for luggage, but what else did our home testers have to say about it?

Hyundai iMax

Hyundai iMax first look

The Radosavics found the Hyundai iMax roomy and manageable over a trip to the Central Coast.

12 Nov 2012 | The Hyundai iMax is an eight-person carrier and one of the larger people-movers on the Australian market that we’ve looked at.

Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey first look

This is a good car for a five-person family with luggage, or up to seven people for short-haul runs.

7 Nov 2012 | The Webster family took the Honda Odyssey over a weekend for the morning sports run, domestic duties and a picnic.

Toyota Prius V lead

Toyota Prius V first look

The Prius V, a people-mover, joins the hybrid market.

7 Oct 2012 | Our tester and a CHOICE family take the new hybrid people-mover for a ride to see if it measures up.

Toyota Prius C

Toyota Prius C first look

A new Prius has entered the hybrid market.

5 Jul 2012 | The latest Prius is designed for city travel and the base model is roughly half the price of the larger Prius i-tech.

honda crz sport

Honda CR-Z Sport first look

We take this sporty hybrid car for a spin to see how it performs.

29 Jun 2012 | We find out whether the Honda CR-Z Sport, dubbed Car of the Year 2012 by Wheels magazine, lives up to expectations.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Luxury HL

Toyota Camry Hybrid first look

Great ride, but its size does compromise on economy.

27 Apr 2012 | We took the latest iteration of the Toyota Camry Hybrid Luxury for a ride and found it was pretty good for one of the larger cars in the hybrid family.

Toyota Prius i-Tech

Toyota Prius i-Tech first look

The most recent model copies previous engine design and delivers just as good a fuel economy, but is it worth the expense?

18 Apr 2012 | CHOICE takes a look at the most recent Prius on the market, with the optional i-Tech add on.

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