Folding bike reviews

Cycling is a great way to save time, save money and get a bit of exercise. But are folding bikes up to the challenge?
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  • Updated:11 Dec 2007


What to buy
Brand Price
Dahon Boardwalk D7 $560
Yeah YRA062 $599

These two were rated best overall, but no one bike offers everything, and the bike that’s best for you depends on how you want to use it and the terrain you’ll be riding on.

While the Dahon Boardwalk D7 was rated top or equal-top by both the trialists and the experts, its bulk and weight mean it could be great for throwing in the car boot and taking to a bike track, but might not suit everyone for other uses. As an all-rounder, the Yeah is a good buy.


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 Results table

Brand / model (in rank order) Overall score (%) User trial score (%) Expert score (%) Price ($)
Dahon Boardwalk D7
85 80 90 560
Yeah YRA062
78 80 75 599
Birdy Orange
70 60 80 1800
Progear Cross Road
70 60 80 385
Brompton M3L
65 70 60 1365
Giatex Sport 6 speed BICI 660
60 50 70 695
Strida V3.3
35 30 40 630

  Features Specifications
Brand / model (in rank order) Number of gears Type of gear shifter Luggage rack Mudguards Frame Wheel size (inches) Dimensions when folded (cm, H x L x W) Size when folded (M3) Weight (kg)*
Dahon Boardwalk D7
7 Twist grip Steel 20 65 x 86 x 38 0.21 13.2
Yeah YRA062
6 Twist grip Aluminium 20 66 x 81 x 31 0.17 11.9
Birdy Orange
8 Trigger / lever (A) (C) Aluminium 18 62 x 77 x 43 0.21 11.4
Progear Cross Road
6 Twist grip Aluminium 20 72 x 83 x 46 0.28 12
Brompton M3L
3 Trigger / lever (B) Steel 16 55 x 61 x 33 0.11 11.6
Giatex Sport 6 speed BICI 660
6 Twist grip Steel 20 82 x 115 x 35 0.34 14
Strida V3.3
1 na Aluminium 16 (D) 23 x 53 x 117 0.14 10.2


Table notes

  • * Includes luggage rack and mudguards, when provided.
  • na Not applicable: only one gear.
  • (A) Optional front and rear racks for panniers.
  • (B) Has a custom luggage system in which a bag clips to a bracket at the front of the bike.
  • (C) Optional extra.
  • (D) Non-standard wheel specific to this model.

Overall score
Equal weighting was given to the trialists’ and experts’ scores.

User trial score
Riders were asked to score their overall impression of the bike after unfolding and adjusting it, then riding, folding and carrying it.

Expert score
This score is based on our experts’ overall impression of the bikes, taking into account:

  • Quality of construction, folding mechanism, wheels and components.
  • Ease of use (removing and fitting front and rear wheels, and using brakes and gears).
  • Impressions on riding the bike.

How we tested

John Hardwick on folding bikeSteve Hogg on folding bikeTrialists: Six experienced leisure cyclists rode each bike on a 3.5km paved course with only moderate hills. They also unfolded and folded each bike, and carried it 30 metres.
Experts: The bikes were assessed by two bike experts, pictured at right. They are:

  • Steve Hogg (right), a road racing bicycle expert.
  • John Hardwick (left), editor of Mountain Biking Australia.

After assessing each bike’s quality of construction and ease of use, they took it for a short test ride, which included hills.