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Loyalty cards

Shopping loyalty cards

Supermarket loyalty programs offer very little value but are used to collect enormous amounts of your personal data.

11 Apr 2013 | CHOICE found that most loyalty programs offer such poor rewards you generally save less than a dollar per $100 spent.

Who owns my brand?

Who owns my brands?

Are big companies giving us the illusion of choice, when in reality it’s just more of the same?

9 Apr 2013 | Find out which multinationals own the brands sitting on the shelves of your local supermarket.


Celebrity endorsements

Do famous folk really stand by the products they endorse, or is it simply a case of cash for comment?

13 Mar 2013 | Celebrities have been spruiking products for years. We look at the persuasive power of these endorsements, and whether they're all just hot air.

Choosing a charity

Cause for concern?

Gimmicky gifts from charities meant to increase donations are having the opposite effect.

8 Mar 2013 | The fundraising industry says personalised pens, pad, and address labels are an effective marketing ploy for inspiring generosity, but potential donors tell a different story.

Outsourcing household tasks

Outsourcing household chores

Too many tasks and not enough time? The answer could be domestic outsourcing.

4 Mar 2013 | We check out how you can outsource various household chores, such as cleaning, dogwalking and general home maintenance, to ease the squeeze on your work-life balance.


Your guide to self-storage

Whether you're moving, downsizing or just need a place to put some boxes, we've looked at how to find a storage facility that's right for you.

26 Feb 2013 | With a trend towards high-density living, more Australians are turning to self-storage as a short- or long-term solution for lack of space.

Wrap rage

Wrap rage

What happens when the packaging surrounding a product protects it so well you can’t actually get at it?

18 Feb 2013 | Some types of packaging are impossible to open for certain consumers and may even inflict injury. We've uncovered the main offenders.

CHOICE reviews pricing tricks

Pricing tricks

CHOICE tells you how to spot the everyday pricing tricks you face as a consumer.

1 Feb 2013 | Whether you’re doing the grocery shopping or looking a mobile phone deal, get the best value for money every time avoiding top pricing tricks.


Quality vs price

When it comes to certain high-end products, are you paying a premium for quality or just brand?

27 Nov 2012 | We pit a low-, medium- and high-end moisturiser, hair dryer and pair of men's underpants against each other in a user trial, and speak to experts about the results.


The pros and cons of lay-by

Lay-by can be a cheap and convenient way to budget but you should be aware of the pitfalls.

22 Oct 2012 | Lay-by can take the sting out of Christmas shopping, but the fine print can sometimes include tricky conditions such as expensive cancellation fees.

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