The problems with ticketing

No matter the event, you’ll likely be slugged a whole lot of extra charges for tickets.
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04.Extra charges at the cinema


Why is it that when you go to the movies, whether at Hoyts, Event, Village or Palace cinemas, you get slugged a fee for booking your ticket online, when no such fee is charged for walk-up customers?

Village states this booking fee “covers the administration, development and maintenance required to provide this convenient service to our customers”. 

Hoyts explains the fee as a payment for premium service: “The main benefit in purchasing tickets online is that you will receive priority service when you collect your tickets. Hoyts Red Carpet delivers a fast and easy way to collect online tickets from a busy box office environment. You are also guaranteed seats for the session and cinema of your choice.”


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CHOICE believes online bookings save cinemas time and money – instead of having to pay a staff member to select seats, speak with a customer and process payment, the customer does this work for them. 

Encouraging online bookings also helps cinemas project demand for movie sessions. As one annoyed cinema-goer, Russell Barnett, asks: “Shouldn’t doing all the work entitle the consumer to a discounted ticket?”

Take a look at our article on saving money at the movies for more information.

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