The five scams of Christmas

Falling for a scam or trap at Christmas time can dampen your festive cheer. We help you navigate the silly season safely
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04.Overpriced hampers

Hamper companies promise to deliver everything you need for your Christmas feast to your door, claiming they’ll help you budget by allowing you to prepay in convenient instalments over the year. They also offer groceries in bulk, and gifts such as electronics or gift cards.Beware hamper rip-offs But here are the rubs.
  • Goods are often overpriced. For example, Chrisco’s Traditional Christmas and Bonus Hamper is over 20% more expensive than the cost of the same goods purchased online from Coles and Woolworths (including delivery). 
  • The usefulness and festiveness of some of the items is questionable. Chrisco’s Traditional Hamper includes tinned spaghetti and two-minute noodles. 
  • Hamper companies also sell a range of other goods, including electronics, but check for inflated prices. We found gift cards sold at a 10% mark-up.

Trap Beware of the cancellation policies for Chrisco, Hamperking and Castle Hampers. You’ll be charged between 18-50% of what you’ve already paid if you cancel after the 21-day cooling off period, or the full amount if you cancel after the final payment in mid-October.

Tip To budget for next year’s Christmas, consider setting up a savings plan. Check out the best online savings accounts.

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