Christmas gifts for the traveller

We round up some of the best buys for your globetrotting friends.
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01.Gift ideas for the globetrotter


We've put together a selection of some of CHOICE's latest-reviewed products, including eBook readers, car and motorbike GPS devices, and tents.

If you know someone who is spending the summer months going on holiday overseas, interstate, or just couple of hours away from home, these travel-friendly gift ideas are sure to please. 

And if you need any more help with your Christmas shopping…

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Roman-Tracker6A good quality tent would make a great present for someone who loves to spend their free time in the great outdoors. Camping is all about enjoying the scenery, the expected great weather and some family time - and a tent can make or break this experience. We tested 14 tents for comfort, how easy they were to assemble, and how they stood up to rain and wind. Take a look at our Tents review for more information.

Carry-on suitcases

03-Catherine-Manuell-Design-SB1001RPThe one thing every traveller and holiday-maker needs is a reliable suitcase. Considerable amounts of time are often spent in transit, lugging around everything you needed to pack, and some of the stuff you wish you’d left at home. This is where good-quality luggage comes into play – a bag that is easy to pack, manoeuvre and handle can make those stressful times a lot easier to deal with. We tested 10 suitcases that can be used as either check-in or carry-on luggage and found that some of the cheaper models earned some of the highest scores. To find out more, check out our Carry-on suitcases review.

eBook readers

09-SonyPRS-650For many people, holidays are spent catching up on all of the books there wasn’t enough time for during the year. An eBook reader is a great way to do just this, with the added advantage of being able to store thousands of books in the palm of your hands without weighing down your luggage! Most eBook readers have long battery lives, screens that are clear and easy to read, and the ability to download eBooks straight to your device via a 3G or WiFi connection. We've tested models such as the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes and Noble Nook, and the Sony PRS-650. Take a look at CHOICE's latest eBook readers review to find out which models scored best.

Car and motorbike GPS

12-TomTom-urban-rider-4GC01A dedicated GPS for the car is a great Christmas present for someone who does a lot of road-travel, and likes to know exactly where they're going. While GPS-capable smartphones such as the iPhone are making some inroads in the GPS market, it seems most drivers still prefer the full functionality of a dedicated car GPS unit. Features such as lane guidance, announcement of school zones and text to speech are standard in most models. Some even come with preloaded maps of Australia. Have a look at our latest Car GPS review to see how models such as the Garmin Nuvi, Navman and TomTom compare.

Portable cots

07-Fisher-Price-Ocean-wondersThese collapsible sleeping enclosures are handy for families on the move – and take the worry out of finding a suitable bed for infants and toddlers when you’re trying to relax. But how can you tell which are the safest? What features should you look for? Are accessories like change tables useful or a potential hazard? CHOICE tested 10 portable cots against mandatory and non-mandatory requirements of the Australian Standard. We also tested their ease of use, checking how easy the cots are to set up and pack away. To find out which cots are recommended, take a look at our Portable cots review.



These incredibly portable devices will be some of the hottest tech Christmas gifts this year. The current crop, which includes the iPad 2, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Motorola Xoom, offers super-small, fast and energy efficient processors, responsive finger-touch screens, long life batteries, and plenty of cheap or free programs that are readily available and easy to download. Our testing reveals which models perform the best, are the easiest to use, have the highest construction quality, and have the best selection of applications. Find out how the Samsung Galaxy Tab fares against the iPad 2 in our latest Tablet computers review.

MP3 and MP4 players

Cowon-C2An MP3/MP4 player stocked with music and videos can make a long stint in transit a whole lot more bearable. The latest models now provide an intuitive interface and a simple, effective way to get music from a computer into your pocket. Our latest review of 19 media players, which includes Apple's iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle, as well as Creative's ZEN, reveals which models are the easiest to use, have the best sound and video quality, and are the most durable. For more information, take a look at our MP3 and MP4 players review.



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