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Best online shopping sites

CHOICE members nominate their favourite virtual stores.

10 Nov 2009 | We save you time and effort by bringing you a list of the best online sites for books and CDS, clothes, electronics, as well as as cosmetics and fragrances.

Woman on phone

Hidden fees in phone cards

CHOICE uncovers the hidden traps with international prepaid phone cards and what their blaring posters don’t tell you.

25 Sep 2009 | Extra costs, such as “service” fees that gobble up credit even when you’re not making calls are often not advertised on the posters or phone cards.

Hand held up to mouth

Advertising tricks revealed

CHOICE reveals the latest tricks companies use to catch our attention and open our wallets.

26 Mar 2009 | In an average day – commuting to work, buying a coffee, exercising and so on – you’ll likely be exposed to as many as 5000 advertising messages.

bin and cashback sales brochures

Cashbacks not always a good deal

Getting a partial refund for big ticket items may sound great, but not everyone is smiling.

13 Dec 2008 | Retail and manufacturing marketing execs are certainly onto a winner with cashback schemes, but consumer benefit is not as guaranteed.

shopper viewing extended warranty with magnifying glass

Extended warranties

Are you being served or served up when offered an extended warranty?

12 Nov 2008 | To find out if people are being pressured by retailers into buying extended warranties, CHOICE and the NSW Office of Fair Trading conducted an online survey and shadow shop of electrical retailers.

Shopping bags

Consuming for a cause

When you buy something that gives a portion of the sale price to a good cause are you really donating to charity?

1 Sep 2008 | As a consumer, cause-related marketing can be a way to make a small contribution to a cause without affecting your bottom line.


Consumer awareness survey

Do labour conditions in developing countries affect our purchasing decisions?

3 Jul 2008 | In conjunction with Amnesty International, we asked 1000 Australians to reveal their buying attitudes.

diamond ring

Guide to buying a diamond

There are many traps for the unwary, such as bogus sales, "blood diamonds", and overpricing.

26 May 2008 | CHOICE’s investigation has uncovered traps for consumers when purchasing expensive jewellery.

DFO sign

Direct factory outlets guide

Factory outlet centres can be a bargain hunter’s paradise but don’t let the sale signs go to your head.

18 Oct 2007 | Forget your local Westfield: there’s a new breed of shopping centre appearing around the country.

woman looking at supermarket shelves

Is bigger cheaper?

Unit pricing helps shoppers get value for money and make better choices.

23 Mar 2007 | Our comparison of the prices of various brands and sizes of everyday items in major supermarkets confirmed what most shoppers already know - it's hard to choose the best value.

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