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High postage charges

High postage paid

Why does sending a parcel from Australia cost so much compared with sending it to Australia?

22 Aug 2011 | Australians appear to be paying more than consumers in NZ, the US, UK and further afield for staple services such as international postage.

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Retailer tricks of the trade

Despite the lure of online shopping, bricks-and-mortar stores still have a strong pull on consumers.

2 Aug 2011 | Online shopping is often quicker and cheaper, but bricks-and-mortars retailers have a few tricks that keep us coming back.


Shopping online for overseas goods

Online shopping goes viral as Australians look for a better deal offshore.

6 Jul 2011 | Buying from foreign retailers has netted Australians big discounts. We look into the current state of play for online shopping.


Pitfalls for tall consumers

Despite the fact that Australians are getting taller, it seems retailers are yet to catch up.

23 Jun 2011 | Tall consumers are getting the short end of the stick in everything from buying clothes to travelling on planes, trains and in cars.


Bargain book buys

It's little surprise that overseas shopping sites are turning up some of the best bargains.

5 Apr 2011 | Chain, independent or online book retailers – we size up the options.


Savings at the cinema

Are we being charged too much at the box office? CHOICE shows you how to get the most bang for your buck on your next trip to the movies.

10 Mar 2011 | With movie ticket and candy bar prices continuing to rise, can a night at the movies be affordable?


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15 Feb 2011 | As Australia's largest consumer organisation CHOICE provides exclusive access to hundreds of independent product tests and reviews.


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15 Feb 2011 | Learn about the advantages of subscribing to CHOICE magazine and CHOICE PLUS


Funeral costs

Planning ahead for the death of a loved one can save you a lot of unnecessary grief.

9 Feb 2011 | CHOICE found that funeral costs fluctuate wildly. We highlight ways to get a fair deal.


High tech shopping

Checking out high tech shopping - the now, and what is yet to come.

20 Jan 2011 | CHOICE takes a closer look at the high-tech devices in supermarkets now, and those on the way.

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