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Know your consumer rights

What are your rights as a consumer?

15 Apr 2014 | Australian consumers are automatically protected by guarantees which give consumers the rights they expect when they buy goods and services.

extended warranty stamped on paper

Extended warranties

We take a look at whether extended warranties are really worth paying extra for.

27 Feb 2014 | Consumers are already covered by the Australian Consumer Law's automatic guarantees, so do you need an extended warranty too?


Trans-Pacific Partnership secretly trading away rights

The federal government should encourage open and honest debate on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

11 Feb 2014 | Leaked drafts of the secretive TPP agreement indicate that consumer rights and protections, food labelling and affordable medication are all up for grabs.

Are companies leaving you hanging on the line?

Companies that are difficult to contact

When it comes to getting in touch with some companies, it seems they're playing hide and seek with consumers.

4 Nov 2013 | CHOICE is asking companies to make their contact details more accessible, after finding some businesses are playing hard to get.


Franchisee rights

Franchises can be a dependable port of call in a crowded marketplace - but many Australians have paid dearly for signing on the franchisee dotted line.

22 Aug 2013 | For consumers, franchises can be a dependable port of call in a crowded marketplace. But many Australians have paid dearly for signing on the dotted line to run their own franchise outlet, generally because they were led to believe one thing but working for a franchisor turned out to be another.


Make the most of your representatives

Politicians should represent their constituents - whether they’re in power or not, in a major party or a minor one, in the upper house or lower. CHOICE shows you how to make your voice heard.

13 Aug 2013 | It can be easy to forget that politicians' purpose is to represent their constituents - you. So what is it exactly that politicians do, and how can you get them to represent you?


Rental rights

When it comes to residential rental rights and protections, why is it that Australian tenants are far worse off than those in similar countries?

22 May 2013 | From no-grounds evictions to limited leases, we learn that long-term rental security is almost non-existent for Australian tenants.

Advance care directives

Living wills

Unless you take certain steps, advance care directives (ACDs) may not carry much weight. We share some pointers on deciding your own fate.

22 Jan 2013 | With Australians living longer and often facing a drawn-out decline, being clear about your future healthcare plans is more important than ever.


How can ombudsman services help you?

Ombudsman services can't do everything, but they're getting better at what they can do.

28 Nov 2012 | Consumers have a lot to gain from understanding how ombudsman services operate and how the complaint process works.


Private car park fines

Have private car parks shifted their focus from collecting fees to handing out dodgy fines?

2 Oct 2012 | Some private car park operators have been slapping motorists with bogus “fines” and threatening legal action if they don’t pay up.

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